Missing Teeth

Having a complete, intact dentition is important for health, comfort and self  esteem.  When a tooth or a number of teeth are missing, many issues are set in motion that will cause major problems in the future.  Dr. Dern will explain what will happen and why it is important to replace the missing teeth.   As a prosthodontist with his advanced clinical training along with years of experience,  Dr. Dern will explain what is needed and why along with your treatment options.  Today, the best option (longest lasting and most predictable) whenever possible is the dental implant. Working closely as a team with  skilled surgeons, the best result possible is achieved. If implants cannot be placed or are not the appropriate treatment, then a fixed partial denture (bridge) or removable partial denture maybe needed.  Dr. Dern will discuss all these options with you so YOU can make the best choice for you.

implant dentistry implant dentistry